FRANCIS LAPUYADE, not your regular Chef

After studying architecture in Geneva, becoming a Publicist and Art & Creative Director, then an advertising photographer in  Paris; it was no surprise that Francis Lapuyade gravitated in the early 2000s towards one of his passions: the restaurant trade, his other passion being music.

His Del Sud restaurant/caterer/delicatessen in Nîmes opened with a new concept: the very best of Mediterranean produce. It was an immediate success in a city reputed to have demanding culinary standards. Del Sud was selected in numerous guide and travel books: Michelin, Guide Vert, Géo Guide, Lonely Planet, Routard, Petit Futé, etc.

Francis returned to Paris in 2007 to improve and develop Pavillon Baltard in central Paris, les Halles district, and before joining Club Nubia, also worked as an advisory Chef for restaurant openings, a private Chef for individuals, a catering Chef for business clients and events. Nubia represents another challenge for Francis who loves nothing more than travelling down a new gustative route.

Why will you love it?

His has a different take on “home-made” cuisine and to back him up, he even has his own Patisserie chef whose desserts are guaranteed to turn the head of any sweet tooth! Sunday Brunch will be a mix of demonic food with a large serving of coolness.